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Culture is everything here at Peak. We are more than just our skill set. Along with your resume, please include a message that conveys who you are and why you want to work at Peak.  Resumes without such cover letters will likely not be considered.

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Lead Accounting Consultant (flexible hours)

Is this you?

  1. Did you take a break from your accounting job to raise a family but are itching to get back in the game?
  2. Are you tired of working as a controller in a high-stress job with no work/life balance but aren’t quite ready to retire?
  3. Are you neither of those, but like to work hard yet maintain a proper work/life balance?
  4. Are you a really smart, self-motivated, personable, problem solver, with amazing accounting, and analytical skills?

If you answered yes to #4, and see yourself in 1, 2, or 3, read on, this might be the job for you.

This job will not fit everyone, but if it fits you, we want you! You will have a lot of fun and have the privilege of working with an amazing team of people in this fast-growing company. We like to work hard for our clients and for each other. At Peak, we are all about our clients and all about our team.

The Position:

Part-time consultant of all things accounting, except taxes, we don’t do taxes. We don’t want to do taxes.

The Scope of the Job:

Duties include, but are not limited to, full charge bookkeeping duties, financial analysis, internal audits, budgets, forecasts, cash projections, payroll processing, systems evaluation and implementation, software integrations, and sometimes, client therapy…if they are going through a rough patch. And when it comes to finance, we all have our days. Compassion and empathy are a must.

Hours = varied

How’s that for specific? We are flexible to some degree but do need a strong commitment on your behalf. The starting hours would be approximately 20 hours per week, but the position will quickly grow to 30+ hours per week. Work hours & days may vary depending on client requirements, so some level of flexibility is a must. If the work is here, we need you here, if it is not, please go and enjoy your free time!


You know what we are going to say, right? Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. What else can we say? Just know that we value those who value us, so this should all work itself out in the end.

How to Apply:

Culture is everything here at Peak. We are more than our skill set. Along with your resume, please include an introductory statement (cover letter) that conveys who you are and why you want to work at Peak. Resumes without this supplemental information will NOT be considered.

Please Note:

Owner brings dogs to the office. If applicant has allergies or a strong dislike of dogs, this will not be a good fit.*

This role may not be right for you if:

  • See note about dogs*
  • You enjoy having a predictable routine and workload. Things change and move fast here and we need people that enjoy the ups and downs of the business cycle.
  • You like to have your problems/issues resolved for you. With varied clients and an atypical workday, we have different issues and/or problems come up that need to be solved by smart, empowered staff. We need people that love that challenge,and can come up with solutions to bring to the team.

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